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Additional products

Below is an overview of our additional products.
Products Price  
Remote setup 75 EUR / once
On-site setup 175 EUR / once
Local backup 125 EUR / once
Rescue pack 24 hours 275 EUR / once
Rescue pack 4 hours 475 EUR / once

Remote setup
This service is only available for Microsoft Windows platforms. The engineer sends you an e-mail. Just follow the instructions and in less than a minute, the engineer will have access to your computer. You can then sit back and watch him doing the setup. If you have any questions afterwards, contact our support division.

On-site setup
Our engineer installs the software on your machine and gives you a short introduction on how to create a backup of your files and how you can retrieve them afterwards.

Local backup (What if your initial backup is very large?)
To save time and traffic, it is best to create a local backup with our software on a portable medium (USB stick, CDROM, DVD, hard disk, ...) and we collect it. Thereupon we copy your files to our backup server. At the next online backup, the system will take the existing files into account and only upload new files and modifications.

Rescue pack
If you need to urgently restore a backup on you system and you donít have time to do this online, then we offer you the rescue pack service. We copy your backup in our data centre to a DVD, external hard disk or mini server and we deliver it to your office. This can be done within 4 hours for urgent cases and 24 hours for less urgent cases. The request has to be done by fax and only the contact persons specified in the contract can receive the backup. They will have to present a valid identification document as well as the specific code mentioned in the agreement.

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