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Home Backup

Home Backup has the same quality and speed as Business Backup, the only difference being that Home Backup offers fewer options and that it is somewhat simpler to use. If you only want to back up files and your e-mail (Outlook), then this is the ideal version for your computer or laptop.

Home Backup starts at 1 GB.
There are no license or software fees.

Below is an overview of the standard packs.
Does your project have special requirements? Contact us free of obligation to get a personalised offer!

Capacity Price Software  
1 GB 3 EUR / month Free
2 GB 6 EUR / month Free
5 GB 15 EUR / month Free
10 GB 25 EUR / month Free
25 GB 55 EUR/ month Free
35 GB 70 EUR/ month Free
50 GB 95 EUR/ month Free
75 GB 135 EUR/ month Free
100 GB 170 EUR/ month Free
150 GB 240 EUR/ month Free
200 GB 300 EUR/ month Free
250 GB 350 EUR/ month Free
350 GB 455 EUR/ month Free
500 GB 600 EUR/ month Free
750 GB 825 EUR/ month Free
1000 GB 1000 EUR/ month Free
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