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. com 0 EUR 18 EUR . co.uk 0 EUR 25 EUR
. net 0 EUR 18 EUR . ie 0 EUR 35 EUR
. org 0 EUR 18 EUR . es 0 EUR 35 EUR
. biz 0 EUR 18 EUR . fr 0 EUR 35 EUR
. info 0 EUR 18 EUR . at 0 EUR 35 EUR
. be 0 EUR 18 EUR . it 0 EUR 35 EUR
. nl 0 EUR 18 EUR . ch 0 EUR 45 EUR
. eu 0 EUR 18 EUR . cc 0 EUR 55 EUR
. de 0 EUR 18 EUR . nu 0 EUR 55 EUR
Free services with your domain name
Web forwarding
We will register your domain name and if you already have an existing website, we will divert it to the new location you quote us. The address you give will no longer be visible for your visitors: they will see http://www.yourdomain.com in the address bar of their browser. This is simply called: “URL hiding” and it is achieved with frames.

E-mail forwarding
The e-mail forwarding possibility allows you to automatically forward mail of a POP account to any other Internet e-mail address.

A nameserver sets up the link between your domain name and the IP address of your web hosting server. You only need to fill out the nameservers if you are hosting your site somewhere. Your hosting provider wil give you their exact names.

Control panel Parallels/Plesk
Each domain name comes with a very powerful and easy to use control panel. Through these control panels you can access a complete range of administrator functions.

Spam filter
Our two SPAM filters use several techniques and systems. That way you will receive 99% less spam in your mailbox.

Anti virus
Besides filtering SPAM our filters also track viruses, spyware and malware in your e-mail. That way you can rest assured that you will not receive e-mails with dangerous attachments.

Extra options with your domain name: 7 EUR per year
Basic e-mail POP (3 accounts)
With Basic e-mail you can send and answer your e-mails wherever and whenever you want. Each POP account allows to fetch his e-mail from the server using a program such as Outlook. We keep your incoming e-mails on our server until you collect them.

Webmail (SmarterMail PRO)
Check your e-mail wherever you are! Now you can check your e-mail through the Internet no matter where.

E-mail alias
For each POP account, you receive one e-mail address. However, you can add an unlimited amount of aliases to this e-mailaddress. Example: you have one account with e-mail address john@domain.com. You can create aliases for this account such as info@flower.com and bob@domain.com. All e-mails sent to one of the alias addresses, will also arrive in the account of john@domain.com

An autoresponder is a script on the server that comes into action when someone has sent an e-mail to a specific address on the server. Example: Let's say person X sends a message to test@domain.com, an autoresponder can, if it has been activated for that address, automatically send a message back to person X.

Mailing list
An e-mail service to e-mail your clients in a simple way.

Mail group
We support Mail group.

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