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EuroBestHosting register your optimalised site with about 500.000 various search engines, directories, and link pages every month. This is an essential component for the promotion and marketing of your website.

Why? Youíve already invested time, money and energy on your website. Now all you need is a few more visitors to the site. But if your visitors donít know that your site exists, they will never find your website.The best option is to register your site with the largest and most important search engines. Unfortunately, this tends to be a difficult and particularly time-consuming task. Registering with search engines requires five to ten minutes each. Registering with 1,000 search engines will keep you occupied for days.

Totally unnecessary you say? No, there are certainly masses of search engines, and you cannot expect many visitors from most of them.

Why register with them? Well, this ensures at least ten thousand links to your site. The more links to your site the higher your ranking with the search engines because they take into account the number of links which lead to your site.

What do we do? Prior to our registering your site, one of our analysts will review it and check it out for 'search engine ease ', this means that we will inspect your site with respect to the use of the correct Metatags, title, description, and key words for the best possible search engine placement.

Why 6 or 12 registrations? After all, some search engines will allow your site again after one month or two months, while with others it is six months and we can obviously make use of this. The 6 and 12 month options are therefore ideal. We will keep a careful record of which search engines only allow your site once and we will therefore not register your site with those again.

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